Fireworks and bonfire

FIREWORKS AND A BONFIRE Today I got to dance!! I had to earn it though. We had two interesting workshops. In the first one we talked about directing and had to film a five shot video. The second was about Youthpass certificate which serves as a formal indication of non-formal education. In this worshop I’ve learnt an azerbaijani tongue-twister. It … Read More

The day that felt worse than it actually was

Determined to make as much as I can of the day, I started with a smile anyway. Our activities started with a BPJ workshop that turned into a lively disscusion about journalism and youth in our countries, Azerbaijan and Slovenia. There is a village near the camp. After lunch, we went there with the girls. We needed a sip of … Read More

On the way towards Wonderland Camp

8 AM: Aaaaand buses took off! We are far from being “swiss-on-time” and Azerbaijani far from being “Arabic-late” but we could feel the approximity of the time appointments. Especially if you are day time dreaming about dreaming an hour longer in the very morning. The convoy of buses in police escort is now driving by modest villages, crossing endless steppes … Read More

Red snails and a pink scooter – 3. dan

First stop of the day for Tjaša, Simona and me was Heydar Aliyev museum. A colossal modern building puts size of the already enormous neighboring buildings to shame. The architecture itself makes the museum experience awesome. Gleaming white waviness makes people look like small dark dots. We saw an exhibition called Treasures of Azerbaijan which was great. It consists of … Read More

Discovering Baku

The hostel excepted us with great hospitality. After the breakfast some of us were eager to discover the centre of Baku. The walk towards the beach of Caspian sea really made me feel smaller or somewhat different – enormous buildings, beautiful mixture of modern and more classical architecture, kilometers and kilometers long Baku Boulevard along the beach … Quite a … Read More

Hungarian landscape and sky full of stars

This time start of an interesting journey. Simona, Tjaša and me were about to spend 10 hours on the train to Budapest and then catch a plane to Baku, Azerbaijan. I bought myself some lunch food that I knew I was going to eat way before lunchtime and wait for the morning sun to inspire my cloudy brain. Time flew … Read More

12. september ob 17.00: Okrogla miza o lokalnih integracijah migrantov

Lokalne integracije migrantov Za pojmovanje procesov vključevanja priseljencev v novo družbeno okolje se danes najpogosteje uporablja izraz integracija. Integracija predstavlja dinamični dvosmerni proces prilagajanja s strani priseljencev kot tudi s strani družbe sprejemnice na številnih ravneh, predvsem na ekonomski, socialni, kulturni, verski, politični. Za uspešno integracijo je ključnega pomena pripravljenost lokalnega okolja za ustrezni sprejem in vključevanje priseljencev, pomembno vlogo pa … Read More

11. september ob 21.00: Dokumentarni film True Nature

Dokumentarni film True Nature Opis: Skupaj se bomo podali na iskanje naše prave narave. Vrsta dogodka: dokumentarni film (55′) Režija: Dušan Iztok Petek, Lejla Burnić Lokacija: Ulica Janeza Pavla II. 13, Arrupejeva dvorana

11. september ob 19.30: Arne Hodalič in dr. Nikolai Jeffs – Vloga medijev in novinarjev pri rušenju zidov in gradnji mostov

Vloga medijev in novinarjev pri rušenju zidov in gradnji mostov Opis: Ali je namen medijev sporočati resnico? Kakšna je dandanes pri tem vloga novinarja? S popotnikom in fotografom Arnejem Hodaličem in dr. Nikolaiem Jeffsom, anglistom in sociologom kulture britansko-slovenskih korenin, bomo prehodili pot od rušenja zidov do gradnje mostov in si na njej tudi s fotografijami ogledali trenuten položaj indijsko-bengalske in … Read More