Tea and Jam

Our first morning quest was to buy some souvenirs for taking them back home. My magnet collector friend made my job easy, but what should I bring to the others? So Ema, Simona and me hit the road towards a big supermarket in a good will to find something really typical for Azerbaijan. In fact, the task was quite easy. … Read More

Slavyanka in the trash

I didn’t have any problems with waking up early today. I was happy I could pack my bags and leave the place. Nature is great, just not that great. ? In the time me and Simona slowly packed our suitcases, turkish scouts, who camped next to us woke up (with the help of a guy hitting their tents with a … Read More

“Super lunch” and goodbye camp

Lunch wasn’t my favourite. We laughed at the greasiness of the dish. Above that we had to take it to our tents to use it for filming later. Gross. Just as I positioned myself by the tree to work on some interview introductions I was pulled into a video group to play a role of a Poland in a sybolic … Read More

City vs. countryside

We’ve had a privilege to see some very interesting parts of this Caucasian country. The differences between them made us think about people who live in Azerbaijani cities and those who live in the villages scattered across the countryside. We decided to talk about it with Leman and Farid.

8th day

I don’t even know when today started. It seems so long from the morning when I clumsily crawled out of the tent. I have a bruise on my hip because my mat isn’t soft enough and I basically sleep on the ground. We’ve done a lot today. Right after breakfast we sat down with our peers from Azerbaijan and did … Read More

“Men trebuh ostane”

“Men trebuh ostane”, a short discussion about Azerbaijani minorities Man tre bukhostaneh [men trebuh ostane; in exact slovenian pronountiation] means I love you in a language of Tat minority. As you can imagine this linguistic coincidence was a great fun for all of us. And it also woke-up our interest about minorities and their languages. In Azerbaijan live about 90 … Read More

Bumpy roads

Today we left the camp to visit Azerbaijan’s national park Goygol. For me, even a bus ride there was an experience. I didn’t seem to figure out what kind of people live here. There were villas and huge restaurants scattered around the hills. But countless shacks, even some tents, were a lot more noticeable than huge mansions. I saw a … Read More

Fireworks and bonfire

FIREWORKS AND A BONFIRE Today I got to dance!! I had to earn it though. We had two interesting workshops. In the first one we talked about directing and had to film a five shot video. The second was about Youthpass certificate which serves as a formal indication of non-formal education. In this worshop I’ve learnt an azerbaijani tongue-twister. It … Read More

The day that felt worse than it actually was

Determined to make as much as I can of the day, I started with a smile anyway. Our activities started with a BPJ workshop that turned into a lively disscusion about journalism and youth in our countries, Azerbaijan and Slovenia. There is a village near the camp. After lunch, we went there with the girls. We needed a sip of … Read More