Serbia – Chapter 1 – Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina

Image source: I’m sure that after my short introduction from last week you couldn’t wait to read more about this breath taking country, so here we are, part one is finally here. The beginnings are always the hardest, and I was wondering a lot whit what topic should I start first, so I decided that this honour should have … Read More

Serbia – A land of contrast that offers a little bit of everything for everyone

Source: As a small Southeast European country, Serbia is still just entering the world of tourism and starting to get attention from the curious adventure – lovers. You have probably heard about the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, great nightlife in Belgrade, some specific foods like ajvar or kajmak, hmmm maybe about one of it’s massive mountains? But trust … Read More

Španščina za Popotnike, začetek 10.10.2016

Tečaj Španščina za popotnike je zasnovan kot delavnica, v kateri tečajniki aktivno sodelujejo ter se besedišča, slovnice in fraz učijo spontano in v kontekstu popotniških situacij. Pri pouku vaje potekajo preko simulacij in iger ter multimedijske interaktivne izkušnje. Tak način poučevanja je na slovenskem trgu novost. Prijave in več informacij na: Španščina za popotnike, začetek 10. 10. 2016

Popotniški mozaik

Sodeluj in prispevaj najbarvitejšo fotografijo v popotniški mozaik na Bivaku. Potuj, misli, deli!

Leaving Azerbaijan with style

Mildly said, we bumped into some unexpected adventures on our way out of the Azerbaijan. On our way back home we got stopped at the border counter. It turned out that we should have registered in an immigration office but our hostel “master” messed things up and consequently we upgraded our status from tourists to illegal immigrants. The fine we … Read More

Land of energy

We’ve been a good example of tourists today. We went to see mud volcanoes, old Baku mosque and Gobustan archeological site. Driving out of Baku we’ve seen the oil pumps and huge shipyards. Huge metal constructions rule the desert and an unwelcoming seashore. Wind trying to lift heavy air and cows searching for food among piles of trash made me … Read More

Tea and Jam

Our first morning quest was to buy some souvenirs for taking them back home. My magnet collector friend made my job easy, but what should I bring to the others? So Ema, Simona and me hit the road towards a big supermarket in a good will to find something really typical for Azerbaijan. In fact, the task was quite easy. … Read More

Slavyanka in the trash

I didn’t have any problems with waking up early today. I was happy I could pack my bags and leave the place. Nature is great, just not that great. 😃 In the time me and Simona slowly packed our suitcases, turkish scouts, who camped next to us woke up (with the help of a guy hitting their tents with a … Read More

“Super lunch” and goodbye camp

Lunch wasn’t my favourite. We laughed at the greasiness of the dish. Above that we had to take it to our tents to use it for filming later. Gross. Just as I positioned myself by the tree to work on some interview introductions I was pulled into a video group to play a role of a Poland in a sybolic … Read More