The right amount of everything

Almost a month has passed since I headed to Slovenia. There is a notebook near me, in which there are so many things written about filming, script writing, short documentaries, poetry and so on. But the most important thing is, that it is full of emotions, memories, and feelings. When I take it in my hands, those nine days are reborn again. When I look at it, memories and so many colorful moments sparkle back at me.

I remember that we drew each other’s portrait on the first evening when we met. Each person out of 34 people drew one part of a face for each person who sat in front of them. The portraits to which the envelopes were pinned later, only to be filled with beautiful messages from those you’ve spent your time in Zapotok with. And now you can almost feel a tear forming in your eyes while reading what those people have written for you. But in the hole between the first evening and trip to home, there was a swirl. I lost myself in there and found myself again, and I am sure others had the same feeling.

I’ve arrived to a conclusion Let me just explain it in a different way:
Let yourself be in the flow together with the people who join you in on your path. Don’t be afraid of yourself and a human who you are yet to become. Feel the warm hand on your back and let yourself smile. Feel the magic fire that lights up your dreams, listen how the air breathes and sense how human smell. Laugh in a quiet thought and be calm when your thoughts are loud. See how beautiful everything is and be aware that even the pain is letting you live. Take to the highs what you want and see the freedom cave inside. Be thankful for waterfalls because of the sound they make, be grateful for a soul who wants love, cause someday you’ll get it all. Air is the same but new for us all, sounds of the sun are white. Everything around us was colored rich, and we should allow ourselves to feel it might be just for us.

First two days we learned, and I didn’t even know, how to write a script. Every time, when somebody said something about camera settings I wondered how one can even find something there – whereas for now I even know how to use them a little bit! We saw people with a sparkle in their eyes, enjoying their work. And that is why we’ve felt happy to have had the opportunity to learn from them, be a part of their students for a short period. Seeing that life took those people to the right direction was a gift, because it inspires us to follow our dreams as well. So the following three days it was a world which we’ve created. A new world.

We had five topics: Minimalism, Stress, Time management, Healthy food and Spirituality. In those three days, we went on a short trip with our groups. We filmed the material for our short documentaries. While watching them, you will feel us, our emotions and our happiness. After so much that has happened, it was strange to go back home. All the words I was left with to express were: The right amount of everything turned out to be the right amount of love.

Ieva Mūrniece

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