Serbia – A land of contrast that offers a little bit of everything for everyone


As a small Southeast European country, Serbia is still just entering the world of tourism and starting to get attention from the curious adventure – lovers. You have probably heard about the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, great nightlife in Belgrade, some specific foods like ajvar or kajmak, hmmm maybe about one of it’s massive mountains? But trust me on this one, with it’s population of around 6 milion people, 90.000 square kilometeres and very turbulent history that shaped it as it is today, Serbia trully has to offer a little bit of everything for everyone’s cup of tea.

As i previous said, if you are into festivals, here’s (among the others), the official Europe’s best music festival EXIT, if you are in love with the nature, here are the beautifull mountains like Tara, Kopaonik and Stara Planina, where you can go climbing or skiing. Also, you can swimm, sail or go fishing on Europe’s second largest river Dunav, that in capital city Belgrade makes beautifull mouth with another flowing beauty – Sava, and if you are more into the rafting, the river Tara (called after the namesake mountain) is a best place for it.

On the other side, if you are searching for peacefull and quiet family vacation on the farm, the flat land on the north called Vojvodina, offers many oldish messuages with traditional foods like dumplings, stew or smoked sausage. And so we came to food! Well, everybody has a different taste, but on those messuages, just like in the small villages beneath the mountains, you can try really tasty gourmets like ajvar, kajmak and sarma, that soothe every stomack and soul.

And before we start discovering Serbia step by step, let me just introduce to you one more major part of this country – it’s people. Just like the diverse and contrasted landscape, you will also here meet wide diapasm of all kinds of people. Kind farmers and housewives that with their cute little houses and domestic animals look just lake a scene froom an oldish postcard, that will always offer you a good dinner and a stay-over, urban students in popular cafes that will show you all the secrets of a good party, busy businessmans rushing with the telephone in their hand, and nomads seraching for the adventure in the nature. But one thing is sure and connecting them: here you won’t find quiet and moody people, vivacious temperament is here basic part of the personality, and in every relationship, adventure or even simple conversation, they open to you their heart and soul.

I’m sure I tickled your fancy at least just a little, so stay tuned, because each week, I will uncover for you more and more secrets of this beautifull Balkan country! 🙂