Leaving Azerbaijan with style

Mildly said, we bumped into some unexpected adventures on our way out of the Azerbaijan.

On our way back home we got stopped at the border counter. It turned out that we should have registered in an immigration office but our hostel “master” messed things up and consequently we upgraded our status from tourists to illegal immigrants. The fine we would have to pay was quite high for our student’s pockets so the only option for us was to be deported. The irony was that we also had some complications when entering the country. In short, we boarded the plane without official invitation letter and successfully got our visas. Lucky bastards!

So, dear travellers, if you want first-person experience of how it’s like to be an illegal immigrant on an airport, we suggest you to go to Azerbaijan. In fact, it was quite funny experience with all those confused and nervous people who forced us to sign documents in Azeri or even blank papers. The result: we are banned from entering Azerbaijan for one year.

After landing in Budapest I was joking that now it would be a perfect opportunity for some piece of our luggage to get lost. Luckily, Mr. Murphy was still sleeping at that time.

So with kilos and kilos of luggage we got on the train. We had to move some people who took our reserved seats but finally we managed to relax a bit. But not for a long time. It happens to be that a part of Hungarian railway toward Zagreb is closed due to some renovations. So we had to move with tons of luggage to the bus which replaces the train. Of course the buses were totally cramped. Ema even had to sit on the floor covered with her raincoat while air conditioning was leaking…

Then we had to move all our stuff for the second time on another train, again we had to move people off our reserved seats… And in the end we ran heavy loaded with all our belongings for the third time. This time we were catching the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana.

And we made it! I guess, that at the end of the exhausting day (when we almost missed the plane and the bus) we will sleep in our soft beds.