Land of energy

We’ve been a good example of tourists today. We went to see mud volcanoes, old Baku mosque and Gobustan archeological site.

Driving out of Baku we’ve seen the oil pumps and huge shipyards.
Huge metal constructions rule the desert and an unwelcoming seashore. Wind trying to lift heavy air and cows searching for food among piles of trash made me think about azerbaijani land. As old and tired as it may seem it is the land of energy.

Most people would associate this with oil as an ancient source of energy humans use to demolish history and race towards the future.
That is the idea billboards by the construction sites are selling with slogans like Welcome to a new city or Welcome to a new age.
But those billboards mean nothing till there are rusted old huts in the background.

We all know that future can not feed with the past forever. But Azerbaijan is ready for the moment when oil is gone. Most of the days here are sunny and there are enormous vast spaces that could host solar panels and wind turbines.

But no matter how much energy flows through this land it doesn’t seem to reach it’s people. They are slow paced and relaxed.
I’ve got used to their ways. I get up late, I’m never on time..

I feel like ability to adapt is one of the most awesome human traits. Think about it. We are learners. We can adapt to almost any kind of environment. We can adapt to all sorts of people. For me, tolerance or patience are just variations of adaptation. But of course they depend on a person’s willingness to adapt.
Important point is that we are all able to be patient or tolerant. But not everyone chooses it.

I am still weirded out about a lot of things in Azerbaijan but I embrace them anyway.

Here, going with the flow became going with the wind, melting in the sun, throwing rocks into the mud and swimming in the Caspian sea.